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4 Ways Your Dentist Can Make Your Teeth Look Younger

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Your teeth age along with the rest of your body, becoming brittle, uneven, and even discolored with time. Your teeth naturally age by getting softer and more flat on the edges (instead of maintaining the full roundness of younger teeth), making your smile look older.

If you are tired of having your mouth betray your age, discover four ways your dentist can add youth to your teeth.

1. Teeth Whitening 

Teeth whitening is one of the most effective ways your dentist can quickly add youth to your smile. Over time, chips and cracks in your teeth make it easier for stains to set in. Age in general also causes your teeth to become darker - your enamel naturally wears away with age, revealing the darker dentin underneath that gives your teeth an unsightly tan or gray tinge.

Never whiten your teeth at home. Rather, allow your dentist to examine your smile to see if you are a candidate for teeth whitening. The procedure is done in the dentist's chair. Your dentist will use special lighting and whitening chemicals to gently eradicate tooth stains and dark coloration, resulting in a healthier-looking, whiter smile.

2. Veneers 

Veneers are commonly placed on those teeth that are easily visible when you smile and can give your mouth a younger appearance. The sharp and blunt edges of your teeth are rounded and straightened by porcelain toppers, known as veneers, to give your smile a beautiful upgrade. Veneers can last up to a decade and require the same dental care as your traditional teeth do.

3. Deep Cleaning 

A periodontal cleaning involves removing the deep-set tarter and plaque set in your teeth and gums. This can make your smile younger by improving the overall health of your teeth and gums. As your gums suffer from prolonged exposure to bacteria and decay, they can recede, change from a healthy pink or light red to an unsightly purple or even black color, and give your smile an unhealthy appearance.

Another reason to consider a deep cleaning by your dentist is because gingivitis and severe dental decay can lead to tooth loss, which is a major concern as you age (by age 64, most adults only have 24 of their original teeth remaining). Periodontal treatments protect your teeth against decay and can allow you to keep more of your teeth as you age.

A deep cleaning may require more than one treatment. It's important that you continue to see your dentist for regular dental appointments to keep your smile healthy. Since the procedure can be extensive, your dental hygienist may give you a local anesthetic before cleaning your teeth to make the cleaning more comfortable. 

4. Upgraded Fillings 

The classic silver fillings you got when you were a child can age your teeth today, giving the affected teeth a silvered or darker tone. Your dentist will remove older fillings and replace them with porcelain or tooth-colored filling replacements to restore youth to your smile.

Keep in mind that the average silver filling only lasts around 15 years and your fillings are likely ready to be replaced anyway. Another reason to upgrade from silver fillings to more modern materials is that silver fillings can cause the teeth they fill to crack due to changes in temperature variances, making your treated teeth more susceptible to future dental needs.

While you can't entirely erase the clock when it comes to aging, you can work with your dentist to make your smile defy your age. Speak to our friendly dental team at Michael J. Wallace, DDS, LLC, to see what we can do for your smile.